Blog 3 - Coping with growth

Sunday July 2 2017

With “the English Season” well under way – Ascot, Wimbledon and Henley Royal Regatta -, it was lovely to see the town full of beautifully dressed ladies in summer dresses and hats, men of all ages wearing blazers and ties. As gardeners will know, this is the time of year when everything blooms on a…

Blog 2 – Bud-Rubbing

Tuesday May 2 2017

Growing anything on a steep slope can be hard work (you need strong legs and a strong tractor!) but the vineyard’s choice of site is paying dividends. As hoteliers would say, it’s all about: “location, location, location!”! Last week saw heavy frosts across England but as warm air rises, so the col…

Blog 1 - Winter Work

Wednesday February 1 2017

Snowdrops have been open for a month, buds are swelling in gardens and hedgerows, and there’s a hint of spring around the corner! Grapevines are late developers though, with ours very much still in their dormant phase. Visitors sometimes ask whether we are worried about the effects of winter, but v…

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