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Our Wines

As well as great grapes, it takes time and patience to make great wines. At the end of October 2015, our first grapes were hand-picked to ensure that only the best were harvested. Award-winning wine-maker Felix Gabillet gently pressed the three varieties , then fermented the resulting “musts” under temperature-controlled conditions to preserve the delicate fragrances. Maturation in oak barrels added silky overtones of vanilla, cream and caramel, whilst permitting just enough evaporation to soften and concentrate the flavours without oxidising the wines. In April 2016 the still wines were blended together by Hervé Jestin (middle of photo above), – a skill that gives finished wines their distinct colour and signature. Hervé is responsible for bottling over 250million bottles of Champagne in France. This is poured into strong glass bottles where the addition of a second yeast and a dosage of sugar slowly creates millions of small, dense bubbles that confer sparkle and zest. Early in 2018, the dead yeast was ejected from the upside-down bottle necks, and the familiar mushroom-shaped cork secured with a wire cage.

We hope you’ll understand this magical process can’t be rushed, and our first sparkling wine wasn't released until August 2018. You are of course welcome to subscribe to our mailing list under Contact, and we’ll keep you appraised as sales outlets develop!

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